Lifestyle is often more centered on the home you live in than on nights out or days away. How can you enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always wanted?
You might start with entryways. Does your home welcome you? Are the doorways well positioned and wide enough? (At Newport Cove, our standard front door is an extra-wide 42 inches.)
Then look at the rooms. Do they invite you in with a human-scale ceiling height and beautiful window views? Do you like the paint colors on your walls?

Are the handles you grasp each day easy to use and in good working order? Do your appliances work? These encounters can affect mood. Like a firm handshake or a warm smile, the working parts of a house should evoke confidence and comfort.

What aromas fill your house? If it’s yesterday’s dinner you may need to check on the ventilation.

Listen for sounds in your home. Are the fans too loud? What do you hear outside – neighbors next door or birds singing? (Newport Cove, although just an hour from downtown Chicago, is in another world – a world of lakes and Mother Nature and water sports.)

Are your home belongings beautiful and functional? A professional organizer told us today that most people use only 20 percent of what they own. Are you spending your time taking care of “things” and “stuff” you rarely (if ever) use? Should you simplify your life?

When you’re in a house that fits you, you won’t be over or under stimulated. Visit Newport Cove. It’s not just a home, it’s a lifestyle. You can make it your own.

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