Wondering what is the most cost-efficient way to make a home energy efficient? The answer is simple: Create a tight building envelope through improved insulation and proper window and door installation.

Often customers will demand the more “trend-setting” options such as solar or wind products, but builders know that the greatest return on investment – the biggest bang for the buck – is insulation coupled with good doors and windows.

A rule of thumb in home construction has been that the cost of insulation is about one percent of the entire construction cost. For this one percent, a home owner can get good quality standard fiberglass batt insulation and a vapor barrier. However, if one doubles the insulation budget to two percent of the home’s cost, that amount typically will buy a state-of-the-art closed cell foam insulation system and more than twice the energy efficiency.  The resulting “tighter” envelope can save as much as half on heating and cooling costs.
Solar and wind are all the “buzz” when it comes to home energy efficiency, but boring, non-glamorous insulation is today’s best bet.

At Newport Cove, our waterfront community on the Chain O’ Lakes, we offer buyers the smart buildng options that will create an efficient, cost-effective – and COMFORTABLE – home.

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