New American Homes’ LIFEhouse™, opening soon in our waterfront development on the Chain O’ Lakes, is a home for the ages. Designed to be especially safe for those under six, over 60 and everywhere in between, the LIFEhouse™ offers features that make everyday living a little easier and accommodate more people for a longer time. We call it “a home for ALL of your life.”

A few photos illustrate what we mean:

The exterior of the LIFEhouse™ is a charming cottage. Tucked into the landscape and front porch design is an inobtrustive bricked ramp, ready to accommodate those who might have issues with steps. Another plus is that the ramp makes moving things in and out of the house easier. (The front door is 42 inches wide; there is no “step up” at this door.)

The kitchen is a contemporary, trendy design, yet it can be completely accessible. Note the easy-access appliances –  the dishwasher, oven, refrigerator (as well as the microwave and warming drawer) are all within reach whether a person is sitting or standing.  The space is exceptionally well-lit with over-cabinet, under-cabinet, ceiling, pendant and natural lighting.

The tech center, tucked into a hallway, is a great space for paying bills or playing computer games.  It’s an ideal spot for adults and children – away from the hustle and bustle, but in sight of the main living areas.

In a secondary bath, two vanity levels make life easier for children and adults, standing or sitting.  A “spa” bench next to the vanity is set across from the shower, so one can sit there to meditate or dry off!
Built in collaboration with the Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDEA Center) at the State University of New York, the LIFEhouse™ is a living laboratory of a safer home that is more user-friendly to a wider range of people.
It makes sense to design “accessibility” into every home, but – too often – this means an institutional feel. The goal of theLIFEhouse™ is to provide an attractive, quiet, upbeat, yet easier-to-live-in home.

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