Newport Neighbors YOU Should Know

"We love Newport Cove," says Aurora. "We haven't even moved in yet, but have met almost all of our neighbors! We've been invited into their homes and have been welcomed as if we were old friends. It is a true neighborhood were people care about each other and actually enjoy spending time together."
Aurora Garcia pictured with husband Russ
"The purchase of our Newport Cove home was one of our best decisions. Coming from a golf course community, we wanted a well-built home. New American Homes exceeded our expectations. Our house is absolutely wonderful! The view of Bluff Lake is superb! An added plus is our neighbors are so welcoming. There are no strangers living at Newport Cove. As a group we meet once a month for taco night at various restaurants in the area. My only regret: I wish we'd moved sooner."
Marilyn Scheetz, pictured with her husband Dave.
"My husband and I have been very fortunate to find this little paradise called Newport Cove. I would have to say last summer was one of the best summers for our children; they had so much to do - from swimming and watersports to all the recreation that is offered in our community. Not only do we get to vacation where we live, but we have been blessed with neighbors who feel like family! We have never felt more welcome. I can honestly say, after 20 years of living in Illinois, I finally feel at home!"
Catherine Elders pictured with husband Chad