How long would your carpet last in a rhinoceros cage?

If you like light-colored carpet, you may want to check into something new (and remarkable) in the carpet world: Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpet with DuPont Sorona renewably sourced polymer. This stain-resistant carpet was used in a rhinoceros cage at the Birmingham Zoo for two weeks and – guess what – it survived!! As a custom home builder with decades of construction experience, we are quite skeptical when it comes to the many stain-resistant claims surrounding today’s carpets, but the Rhino Challenge convinced us.
At Newport Cove, our boating and watersport centered community on the Chain O’ Lakes, we are constantly on the lookout for easy-living products for our cottages and waterfront homes – products that will make your indoor/outdoor lifestyle more enjoyable. Who wants to come off your boat with a group of friends, go into your house and be anxious about – of all things – someone ruining the carpet?
So, red wine, sodas, barbeque sauce and all the other banes of white carpet beware: There now is a carpet that even a rhinoceros didn’t ruin. . . (And, incidentally, it is a “green” product, too.)

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