Do you have lifestyle selling points worth mentioning when trying to sell your home? Realtors may not list these assets along with wood floors and granite counter tops, but they may be worth discussing when potential buyers are wavering between your house and someone else’s. Here are some potential house selling points you may have overlooked.Do you pay someone to clean your house? Selling point:Professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This may influence asthma sufferers. The upkeep of a home tells potential buyers the owners care about the space they live in. If the cleaning products contain only natural ingredients be sure to mention that as well.

Raising a family in your house. Selling point: A family-friendly layout.Carol never used a baby monitor since she could hear what was going on from any room in the house. Anecdotal stories like these can turn into advantages.

Purchasing energy-saving appliances and good insulation. Selling point: Energy efficiency. If you remodeled your kitchen and installed energy-efficient appliances or added attic insulation, you may want to show your low utility bills to potential home buyers.

Being on a good site with well-positioned windows and no clutter. Selling point: A great view. Clutter makes a house look and feel smaller. Ted’s house had windows that offered views of the sunrise and sunset.

Another favorite selling point atNewport Cove, a custom home waterfront community on the Chain O’ Lakes in suburban Chicago, is the coastal-style architecture. Homes are built using durable, low-maintenance products such asHardieboard concrete fiber siding and shakes, long-lived Certainteedarchitectural roof shingles, and aluminum-clad Pella windows.

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