Hallway space, foyer space, walkway space – much of this space is often somewhat wasted. At Newport Cove, our waterfront community on the Chain O’ Lakes, we have learned to tuck what we call “tech centers” into these areas of our new homes. By adding a couple feet to the width of a hallway, there’s room for a desk, cabinets, mail slots, file drawers, etc.
Buyers seem to love the tech areas; they rank among the most popular features in our homes. And why not? How many of us waste an entire spare bedroom for an office space that is ill-designed and so out of the way we rarely

enter it. Instead, our laundry or kitchen counters – or bedside tables – become mail centers and offices.Another advantage of the tech center is that, although the computer is in a semi-private location, it is enough in the open so that parents can keep an eye on their little ones’ surfing habits.

We design these centers so that printers, fax machines, surge protectors, computer towers (and all the accompanying cords) are hidden inside the cabinets. It makes for a neater look.Flexibility in space and designing space to get the most out of it: These are hallmarks of today’s new homes. The tech center is an excellent example of this sort of thinking.

And, if you are one who does not need a tech space, it can be converted into a cabinet storage area or even a wet bar. . .

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