When people visit Newport Cove, a planned community on the Chain O’Lakes, they experience first-hand a coastal living aesthetic inspired by housing along the coast of Maine and the outer banks of North Carolina. They also learn about the rules for living here.

cupola The required coastal-style architecture at Newport Cove features gables, large porches, cupolas and an abundance of windows.  All exteriors must be sheathed in siding (lap or shingles) and stone, no brick. The windows and trim are white. The mailboxes and lampposts don’t deviate from one another. No ancillary structures or property line fences are allowed. By design, these rules make sense. This is a place for people who appreciate style, care about safety and respect their neighbors.

Who Likes Rules?

Developer Susanne Tauke says the rules turn some people away, while others are attracted by them. “Those who look closer like knowing what they can expect now and in the future. They like being certain that their next-door neighbor will not park his camper trailer in the yard or keep his Christmas decorations up through May. Our buyers know they will not end up living next to a pink painted house with turrets towering through an orange clay roof.” (Guidelines also govern the scale of the homes so that no house will dominate over its neighbors.) 

The rules apply to the common areas of the community as well. The lakefront park, gazebo, walking paths and marina are reserved for the use of residents and their guests. The only vehicles allowed in these areas are golf carts navigated by licensed drivers. Plants, natural grasses and landscaping materials conform to the specifications of Lake County and the community’s Architectural Review Committee.

Lakefront Rules

At the private marina, boat slips come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different watercraft. Boatlifts are consistently one style, the canopies all royal blue. And boats cannot be launched from the property.

Everyone who builds a house here becomes a member of the Newport Cove Property Owners Association and will have a say about the rules.

To see the results of well thought-out rules or to learn more about why rules matter at the Newport Cove planned community, visit the models any Saturday or Sunday from noon to 4:30 p.m. or call 847.726.2727.





2 thoughts on “Rules Matter at Newport Cove Planned Community

Tom Adams - | Reply

Hi we looked at your property a year or two ago and continue to consider a lake side home on the Chain. We live in a 5200 sf home east of Libertyville and are looking for a smaller home and particularly one that is on the “Chain”. WHat exactly is available on the like front in terms of lots and for that portion of the development, what size limitations are in place. We love th “cottage” designs but am not sure if they can be built on the lake front. Drop me a line on this. Thanks. Tom Adams

    admin - | Reply

    Dear Mr. Adams:

    I am so sorry it has taken so long to respond to your question. Our website has been a victim of a computer scam, and we are just now getting things back from the great who-knows-where.

    We have the following lots available on the water: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18 and 19.

    If one is to build on the water, the minimum price would be in teh $600,000s. We can build a cottage-style house. We would like to expand it a bit. The minimum square footage on the water is 2,500. However, if one has a ranch or Cape Cod style (in other words, somethine with a substantial footprint), I can be somewhat flexible there.

    Please call me at your convenience if you have further questions. My cell phone is 847.772.2772.

    Susanne Tauke

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