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Staycations are not just for the budget conscious. They are for people who love the comfort of home, for those who enjoy putting their heads down on their own pillow each night. Staycationers are intentional and tend to occur in environments that others describe as “year round vacation.” They make the best of each day, each room in the house and leisure activities outdoors. For the staycationer, there’s no place like home.

Staycations make sense for boaters living in lakefront houses, for people who like to hike around or fish in a nearby lake, for those who gather family together. They know how to create the feel of a vacation in their own back yard.

Staycation Rules
There are some unwritten rules for the time-designated staycation. Even though you may be close, do not go to work during your staycation. Limit the time you view your email. Eat out. (Nobody likes doing dishes during vacation.) This is the “splurge while you’re saving” mindset. For any night spent watching TV, an evening is spent in front of the fireplace or taking a walk or gazing at the stars.

Planning the Staycation
For some official tips on planning the perfect staycation read Matt Wixon’s book, The Great American Staycation. His advice is to plan ahead and stay focused on leisure. Forget the rut routines and start something new. Enjoy a wine tasting, sunset cruise, historic house tour and local festivals. Bring the family together for quality time fishing, swimming and boating. Alas, there should be a start and end date for the staycation.

Staycation Destination
After a few days of visiting a friend at Newport Cove, Jane S. was ready to sell her west suburban home and head for the shores of Bluff Lake, near Antioch. “It’s so peaceful. My friend works from home, so she can live anywhere. I love visiting her. It’s like being on vacation, but still close.” The term for this type of experience is “nearcation.” No kidding.

So imagine a vacation with all the comforts of home, no lodging costs or travel expenses, no flight delays or hungry kids, a vacation that lasts year round. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. To find the perfect staycation house and nearcation destination, call today to get a view of Bluff Lake, take a golf-cart tour of the area and a walk through of our Newport Cove house models.

Does your house environment invite you to stay home when vacation time rolls around?

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