wet room or bath

Home builders are asking today’s buyers a new question: Do you want a bathroom or a wet room? Wet rooms – open-concept or barrier-free bathrooms – are gaining in popularity. Why? Perhaps because the wet room allows more splish-splashing than a traditional bathroom.

Just what is a wet room? In this type of restroom, the shower is open to the rest of the room or enclosed in sheets of clear glass; the shower has no raised threshold. Sinks, countertops, vanities, shower seats, sometimes even toilets are mounted to the walls and hover above the unbroken plain of the floor. The floors and most walls are tiled. Wet room showers usually include body sprays, rain shower heads, even waterfalls. The wet rooms are easy to clean and much more accessible for those with mobility problems.

The key to a successful wet room is installation. Correct floor grading is essential; the floor must be constructed to slope gently, almost imperceptibly, toward the floor drains. Tile must be properly installed and sealed to prevent leaks. Because there is so much potential for leaking or improper water flow, creating a wet room is best done by professionals.

At Newport Cove we have been creating wet rooms for several years, ever since developing our national-award-winning LIFEhouse, a ranch home featuring universal design features.

As you plan your new home, consider whether a spa-like wet room is right for your lifestyle. And, stop by our Newport Cove model home complex, where the LIFEhouse is still on display.

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